Your most reliable body guard!
XT-206 spray gun discharges chemicals in cartridge intermally
provided and it leaves no residue and creates an xplosion sound
similar to gun shot.
This is first type of 38 revolver type spray gun which
can overpower criminal with a single shot.

Like 38 revolver type pistol it can be opened or closed at one side.
Shortcoming of conventional sprayer gun was remedied and effectiveness of
function for clients is maximized and high level of satisfaction is assured.

TYPE                  :  Explosive gun type
TOTAL LENGHT          :  175 mm
TYPE LENGTH           :  110 mm
WEIGHT                :  320 g
NUMBER OF AMMUNITION  :  5 Successive shots
REACH OF SPRAY        :  2 ~ 5 m
SPRAYING AGENT        :  Liquid
EXPLOSIVES            :  Gun powder